Headstone Materials and Finishes

We offer a range of materials and finishes, find out more below.



Granite can come in a huge variety of black, red, blue, grey, green or brown variations. Featuring beautiful natural patterns, it requires the greatest amount of skill to carve and inscribe, but it is so tough and dense that it usually shows no signs of corrosion over long periods of time.


Beautifully white, smooth stone with subtle grey veins. It is common for marble to slowly dissolve over a long period of time when exposed to the mild acid in rainwater. Not recommended for damp areas, this material has become a symbol of refined taste and class.


Usually light in colour and known for its durable qualities, yorkstone is a tight-grained material that has been used for centuries.


Some sandstone is very durable to the point that chisel marks can still be seen centuries on, but it is sometimes prone to weathering called delamination. Similar to marble….. this material is not recommended for damp areas.



All visible faces of the memorial are polished until smooth and reflective. The breath-taking result reflects why it is such a popular choice.


The polish is removed to leave a smooth but non-reflective surface on all visible faces of the memorial. This finish is beautiful when used correctly, as some types of granite can appear blotchy after being honed down.


A hammer and chisel are used to chip off the surface of the granite, leaving a ‘rustic’ look along the sides of the headstone and base. Only available for certain memorials.


The surfaces to be inscribed and the top of the base are left polished while other surfaces are either honed or pitched. Only available for certain memorials.