Inscription Suggestions

The choice of wording on a memorial is very important. Below, we have provided a collection of inscription suggestions in several categories to help you get started.

These are intended as a guide only, and you can substitute words and verses to make the inscription unique.

The lettering can be guilded gold or painted silver, white or black. Other colours are available if you have a preference.


  • In Loving Memory Of
  • Loving Memories Of
  • Lovingly Remembered
  • In Memory Of
  • Entered Into Rest
  • In Affectionate Memory Of
  • Treasured Memories Of
  • In Cherished Memory Of
  • Cherished Memories Of
  • Pray For
  • Of Your Soul Pray For the Repose Of
  • Of Your Charity Pray For the Repose Of The Soul Of
  • In Sweet Memory Of
  • Everlasting Memories Of
  • Precious Memories Of
  • Fondest Memories Of
  • Sweet Memories Of
  • Remembered
  • Remembered With Love
  • With Love We Remember
  • In Remembrance Of
  • In Fond Remembrance
  • Sacred In The Memory Of
  • Sacred To The Memories Of
  • Sacred Memories

One Line Verses

  • The Lord Is My Shepherd
  • I Know That My Redeemer Liveth
  • Grant Him Thy Eternal Rest
  • Rest In Peace
  • Peace Perfect Peace
  • Till We Meet Again
  • Reunited
  • In God’s Care
  • In God’s Keeping
  • Thy Will Be Done
  • Sleeping
  • Sadly Missed
  • Love’s Last Gift, Remembrance
  • Remembered Always
  • Gone But Not Forgotten
  • Forever In Our Hearts
  • Forever In Our Thoughts
  • Always In Our Hearts And Thoughts

Two Line Verses

  • Father In Thy Gracious Keeping, Leave We Now Our Loved One
  • If Love Could Have Saved You, You Would Never Have Died
  • To Live In The Hearts Of Those We Love, Is Not To Die
  • His Life A Beautiful Memory, His Absence A Silent Grief
  • Tenderly I Treasure The Past, With Memories That Will Always Last
  • A Last Goodbye You Didn’t Say, But In My Heart You Will Always Stay
  • In Heaven You Rest, No Worry, No Pain, God Bless You Till We Meet Again
  • A Tiny Flower Lent Not Given, To Bud On Earth And Bloom In Heaven
  • Deep In My Heart You Will Always Stay, Loved And Remembered Every Day
  • Only Goodnight, Beloved, Not Farewell
  • Out Of Depths I Have Cried To Thee, Lord – ‘Hear My Prayer’
  • On Earth One Gentle Soul Less, In Heaven One Angel More

Four Line Verses

  • Some Broken Hearts Never Mend, Some Memories Never End, Some Tears Never Dry, My Love For You Will Never Die
  • You Left Us With Happy Memories, That Can Never Be Taken Away, But You’re Missed So Much By All Of Us, More Than Words Can Say
  • Our Family Chain Is Broken, Nothing Seems The Same, But As God Calls Us One By One, The Links Will Join Again
  • God Saw You Getting Weary, A Cure Was Not To Be, So He Put His Arms Around You, And Whispered ‘Come To Me’.

Children’s Verses

  • He Shall Gather The Lambs With His Arms, And Carry Them In His Bosom
  • Suffer Little Children Come Unto Me, For Such Is The Kingdom Of Heaven
  • There’s A Home For Little Children, Above The Bright Blue Sky, Safe In The Arms Of Jesus
  • Too Fragile For This Earthly Place, God Kissed Your Angel Face, He Took You In His Tender Care, So Loved And Cherished, Ever Fair
  • Jesus Called A Little Child Unto Him, A Tiny Flower Lent Not Given, To Bud On Earth And Bloom In Heave
  • Our Precious Child, Our Darling Boy, Was Only Lent Not Given, He Is Not Lost But Gone Before, To Welcome Us To Heaven
  • God Gave The Treasure For A While, To Fill Us With His Love, And Then He Took Our Darling Child, To Dwell With Him Above


  • Who Died 1st May 2013
  • Who Passed Away 1st May 2013
  • Passed Into God’s Keeping 1st May 2013
  • Died 1st May 2013
  • Who Fell Asleep 1st May 2013
  • Who Entered Into Rest 1st May 2013
  • In God’s Keeping 1st May 2013
  • Called To Rest 1st May 2013
  • 1937 – 2013