• The Arch

    The Arch (Rustic)

    Example Image Shows: Honed Black Granite

  • The Bailey

    The Bailey

    Example Images Shows: Natural Stone Rustic finish with classic cross and rose carving

  • The Calder

    The Calder

    Example image shows: Pitched Granite in Heather Blue. Very simple hand pitched granite to resemble a boulder stone but conforms to a lawn memorial with an internal raised panel.

  • The Church

    The Church

    Example image shows: Natural Stone. With Simple Chamfers.

  • The Cromwell

    The Cromwell

    Example image shows: Natural Stone with simple chamfers.

  • The Harper

    The Harper

    Part polished South African Grey with carved flowers on headstone and base.

  • The Huntly

    The Huntly

    Natural Stone Nicely chamfered with an elegant rose carving.

  • The Kent

    The Kent

    Example Image Shows: Natural Italian Marble With Carved Roses.

  • The Normandy

    The Normandy

    Example Image Shows: South African Grey Honed Finish Delicate wild flowers frame this softly moulded memorial.

Other Options available on Request