Grave Surround Ideas

We have a long-standing tradition of decorating graves. This practice serves multiple purposes, such as personalising the grave for identification purposes through engravings and portraits. It also brings comfort to those who visit and mourn their loved ones. When someone passes away, it can be challenging to know how to navigate the grieving process and express our emotions. Decorating a grave provides a focal point and a way to express love and grief. In times of distress, rituals like these can be incredibly comforting.

Continuing to decorate graves on a regular basis, like bringing fresh flowers, allows mourners to express their grief and find solace as the years go by. Most cemeteries take care of maintaining the graves, including removing bouquets when they start to wither. Some cemeteries have restrictions on artificial flowers, as they can deteriorate quickly when exposed to the elements and become unsightly.

Choosing the right memorial for a departed loved one is never an easy task. At Memorials of Distinction, we take pride in offering a wide range of high-quality, hand-carved headstones and gravestones. We believe that there is something suitable for everyone in our collection. However, we understand that you may have unique preferences when it comes to remembering your loved one. You might feel that traditional headstones don’t provide enough space to adequately pay tribute. That’s why we offer much more than just headstones.

Grave Decorations

The initial stone and inscription mark just the start of a memorial. By adding carefully selected decorative elements, you can create a truly remarkable resting place. From candle boxes and religious icons to statues and vases, we offer a wide range of grave decorations to enhance the area. Our vases come in various shapes and sizes, perfect for showcasing an abundance of flowers. Consider adding solar lights, seasonal decorations, or personalised photo plaques to make the space even more special. Feel free to discuss your ideas with our team for a bespoke design service.